31st Veterans For Peace National Convention

Logo-5-transparent-BkgdPEACE AT HOME, PEACE ABROAD
A Just and Sustainable Future for the World’s Children
August 11-15, 2016, Thursday-Monday
Clark Kerr Campus, UC Berkeley, California
Veterans For Peace  National Convention

2016 CollageofConventionSpeakersBerkeley, California is the place to be in August when the 2016 VFP National Convention is held on the Clark Kerr Campus of UC Berkeley. Plenty of housing is available at this park like school in the heart of a very exciting city. The convention runs from Thursday August 11 to Monday August 15, a different arrangement than most years so please take note. Chapter 69 and the members of all the Northern California chapters look forward to seeing you.

Speakers: Oliver Stone, Helen Caldicott,  Andrew Bacevich, Antonia Juhasz, Rhodessa Jones (moderator), Ann Jones Keynote address.

Program: Highlights President’s Reception, Poetry Reading, Public Events: Panel 8/12  & Entertainment 8/14 , Business Meeting, Banquet, Open Mic, closing Ceremony & daily morning meditation, Plenary, Workshops, late night film showings & tabling & Howard Zinn Lifetime Achievement, Service & Stewardship, & Leadership in Peace Awards

Three Public Programs

2016-0810-Howard-Zinn-AwardVeterans For Peace (VFP) Reception Wednesday, August 10: August 10, 7-9pm, Room 206, Veteran Building, 401 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco. Evening includes
• Presentation of Veterans For Peace’s 2016 Howard Zinn Livetime Achievement Award.
• Panel discussion on Undermining Militarism in the United Kingdom with VFP UK members
• “Extremist” New Song by Pat Scanlon

2016-0812-Poscard-6x4-071916-bleed-800A Just & Sustainable Furture OR Extinction: Will we survive ourselves? Sea Rise. Extreme temperatures. Water shortages. Soil depletion. Habitat destruction. Radiation contamination. Air pollution. Overpopulation. These are some of the many ways humans have changed the face of the planet Earth. How do U.S. endless wars and drive for global dominance contribute to this massive environmental degradation? How do we work together to bring about this future? Four insightful activists from varied disciplines, three of whom are combat veterans, explore these questions. Moderated by the Bay Area’s renowned Rhodessa Jones, and speakers Oliver Stone, Helen Caldicott, Andrew Bacevich, and Roy Scranton. Friday, Aug. 12: Tickets $20. vfp8-12.brownpapertickets.com or from Pegasus Books

2016-0814-Freight-SalvageSing and Dance For Peace Love and Justice with Veterans For Peace Musicians. Come hear Emily Yates, Peter Tracy, Miles Megaciph, Pat Scanlon, Jim Toller, the Veterans For Peace Chorus, and special guests, Mike Rufo and No Exit. Sunday, Aug. 14: Tickets $20. vfp8-14.brownpapertickets.com or from Pegasus Books


$200 Full Convention all activities Thursday–Monday, except Sunday at Freight & Salvage.
$100 Reduced Member & Workshop Full Convention Packet for all dues paying VFP national members & workshop presenters.
$ 75 Two-Day For those who cannot attend for more than a couple of days
$ 55 One-Day 
$ 65 Banquet Those not be attending the convention, but would like to attend the banquet.
$ 45 Commuter Meal Lunch pass for Friday through Sunday for members and supporters who will not be staying in the dorms, but would like to purchase lunch in the Clark Kerr cafeteria.

Housing Options
Donate We appreciate whatever you can give to make the convention more accessible to our veterans. Assist a member or a  Post 911 member.
Convention Booklet Advertise in the Convention Booklet

Veterans For Peace National 1404 North Broadway, St. Louis, MO 63102
Phone: 314-725-6005, Fax: 314-725-7103
Email: vfp@veteransforpeace.org,  www.veteransforpeace.org
Media coordinator, Dominick Favuzzi @dfavuzzi@epic-wines.com

Hosting Veterans For Peace Chapter 69, San Francisco, California
Contact: Denny Riley, dennyriley7@gmail.com

31st Veterans For Peace National Convention Steering Committee2016-Chapter69SteeringCommittee800

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Kickoff Party: The Boys Who Said No

The Boys Who Said No
Indiegogo Campaign Kickoff Party
RSVP: Christopher Colorado Jones


Saturday, April 2, 7pm, 1709 Addison, Berkeley, California

A documentary film in-progress on the young men imprisoned for resisting the draft during the Vietnam War. Support this film about our history and nonviolent direct action during the Vietnam War. On Saturday, April 2—Special guest David Harris and Cheri Forrester, screening of 17-minute segment and the Indiegogo clip, food and beverages! The first goal is $20,000 during the first week of the “kick-start” the campaign April 2 – 9. When people see the donations rising at a fast rate, they are encouraged to pitch in their support. For More Information and to RSVP to the Kickoff Party—contact Christopher Colorado Jones ccoloradojones@yahoo.com. Support the film. The Indiegogo campaign goal is to raise $50,000.


69davidgoestoprisonafreeman-300x380Synopsis The Boys Who Said NO! a documentary film about an organization of young men and women who opposed conscription in order to end the war in Vietnam. They called themselves the Resistance. Their personal acts of nonviolent civil disobedience eventually helped end the draft and intensified opposition to the war.They were the vanguard of nonviolent resistance to the war and inspired a mass anti-draft movement. While an estimated 500,000 young men resisted, evaded or just refused to cooperate with the draft, 3,250 went to prison for their beliefs, the largest mass incarceration of war resisters in US history. The film takes place during the late 1960s and early 70’s in the San Francisco Bay Area where thousands of young pacifists publicly resisted conscription, risking federal prison. Read more…

The Filmmakers Director Judith Ehrlich, Producer Christopher Colorado Jones, Screenwriter Stephen Most, Distribution and Web Consultant Steve Ladd, Cinematographer David L. Brown, Film reunion interviews Steven Baigel, Robbie Leppzer

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Comfort Woman Grandma Yong Soo Lee


Grandma Yong Soo Lee, San Francisco Board of Supervisors, 09/17, 2015 Photo: Tomo  Hirai, Nichi Bei Weekly

Sunday, March 20, 2016
7pm, Room 206
Veterans Building, 401 Van Ness Ave.,
San Franicsco, CA 94102


Visiting from Seoul, Korea, Grandma Yong Soo Lee is speaking about her life during World War II and  about the Comfort Woman who were forced into sexual slavery by the Imperial Japanese Army. She is an activist for women’s rights and those who seek an apology from Japan. She is among the last of the surviving “comfort women,” tens of thousands of Koreans and Chinese who as girls were kidnapped and forced into farm labor and sexual servitude for Japanese soldiers during World War II. Lee, 87, previously gave witness at the Sept. 17, 2015 San Francisco Board of Supervisors subcommittee meeting and they unanimously passed “comfort women” memorial resolution at San Francisco City Hall. 

Sunday’s, March 20, 7pm event is at the Veterans Building, Room #206, second floor, Veterans Building, 401 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco, CA 94102, at the corner of Van Ness Avenue and McAllister Street. Enter through the Van Ness front entrance, take the elevator to the second floor, turn right and proceed to room 206.

Hosted by Veterans For Peace, San Francisco, Chapter 69, and endorsed by the “Comfort Women” Justice Coalition. This event is free and open to the public. Donations will be accepted but not required.

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Add Your Voice: Historic SF BA Veterans Study

San Francisco Veterans Survey sfvetstudy.orgIt takes about 30 minutes to complete, and for a veteran’s trouble the study is providing a $15 gift card.

The University of Southern California has asked all the veterans’ organizations to join in and spread the word to their membership and encourage veterans of all eras to take the survey.

Follow this link for directions: http://cir.usc.edu/…/research-…/san-francisco-veterans-study

This is a serious study that can be valuable to our ability to attract veterans to the Veterans’ Building. The researchers are attempting to determine the unmet needs of the Veterans in our area and make suggestions for changes in the way services are provided to Veterans.

They already have a track record for this work because they did a very similar survey last year in Los Angeles, and the report is an excellent overview of Veterans’ needs in that city. Here is a link to their report. http://cir.usc.edu/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/USC010_CIRLAVetReport_FPpgs.pdf At 64 pages. It is a bit long, but the Executive Summary and Findings are only a few pages and boil down the data to clear recommendations.

The San Francisco posts of the Legion will be able to use findings from this current study to evaluate veteran service organizations (VSOs) and the needs of Veterans is the Bay Area. The researchers need to get broad participation from the veterans in the Bay Area for the study to be truly useful. It is important that we encourage all the veterans to take the survey.

Please forward this link to any Veterans in this area with whom you are in contact: http://cir.usc.edu/…/research-…/san-francisco-veterans-study.


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2016 Việt Nam Tour Update

Hometown Hero: John Koehler
Channel 5 News
Green Bay Wisconsin
February 3, 2016
Terry Kovarik reports

Green Bay, Wisconsin’s John Koehler is heading to Vietnam for three weeks in March on a humanitarian mission to learn more about Agent Orange to share with Veterans and their families when he returns.

Over four million Vietnamese have been exposed to Agent Orange and it is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths and disabilities within the population there. Some scientists predict that it will continue to impact up to seven generations within a family . Personally, John has lost two very good friends who died in their mid fifties due to exposure when they were young men. He is looking forward to working with Vietnam Veterans of America local and state chapters as well as Veterans for Peace to help and provide support to families who are coping with this genetic affliction. He is also hoping to learn a bit more about what is being done throughout Vietnam to care for the children who will be institutionalized the rest of their life due to being exposed to Agent Orange . Continue reading

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Pirate Mike: VFP SF Chapter 69

November 2, 2015
Ammarill News: Veteran Bicyclist Killed In Accident
by Aaron Davis aaron.davis@amarillo.com

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A cross-country bicyclist died Friday when he was struck by a vehicle Thursday evening along west of Groom, Texas Department of Public Safety troopers said.

About 6:30 p.m., Stephen Michael Clift, 48, of San Diego, was riding his bicycle eastbound in the outside lane of Interstate 40 when a 2013 Kia driven by Cindi Trevino, 42, of Groom, struck Clift. Continue reading

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VFP 2016 Annual Spring Tour To Việt Nam

2015 Veterans For Peace Viet Nam Tour

Veterans For Peace Việt Nam Tour

Mar 14 – Mar 30, 2016
Sign Up For The Tour

Each year since 2012, members of Việt Nam’s Hoa Binh (Peace) Chapter 160 of Veterans For Peace invite up to 20 veterans, non-veterans, spouses & peace activists to come to Việt Nam for an insider’s 2-week tour. The Hoa Binh chapter is the first and only overseas VFP chapter of American Veterans living in Việt Nam! Continue reading

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Save The Veterans Building For Veterans

San Francisco's Historic War Memorial Veterans Building

“Patriotic Organization” Petition by the Posts of the American Legion
Monday, November 2, 9am
San Francisco Superior Court, Room 204
McAllister @ Polk Street

Support Us Attend the hearing and show your support for the Veterans community. We’ve worked years to be able to get this petition heard.

A hearing in SF Superior Court over the SF Posts of the American Legion’s petition asking the Probate Court to construct a definition of “patriotic organizations” as it is used in the 1921 Trust Agreement in the phrase on the Legion’s rights:

“The San Francisco Posts of the American Legion, or a majority of them, shall under such rules and conditions as they may prescribe, provide headquarters for the Veterans of the Mexican War, Grand Army of the Republic, Spanish-American War Veterans, and other such patriotic organizations as said San Francisco Posts of the American Legion may from time to time desire to install.”

Continue reading

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Meet The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule in San Francisco BayWednesday, October 7, 7 pm
GOLDEN RULE: Public Meeting/Reception
Veterans Building, Room 206
San Francisco Civic Center
401 Van Ness Avenue at McAllister

The Golden Rule peace boat and her crew coordinate with Veterans For Peace, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Code Pink and others to provide a peaceful counterpoint to the US Armed Forces’ display of militarism during Fleet Week. Continue reading

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Fleet Week: VFP & IVAW On The Waterfront

2014 Fleet Week1VFP & IVAW Fleet Week table
Saturday, October 10, 10 am to 6 pm
Jefferson & Powell Sts, San Francisco
Nadya Williams, 415 845-9492
Jim Dorenkott, 415 505-4791

Our third year—information tables, banners, signs and literature to hand out, boots on display and maybe a tent,  & more… At the base of Pier 41 – by the Marine Terminal Building (white w/ blue trim). Can’t miss us – we’re always at the corner where Powell dead-ends at the water. ​Since October of 2011, with support from VFP, IVAW has had an important counter-presence at this annual promotion of the U.S. military. Continue reading

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