Stand Up For Peace! Stop These Wars!
JOIN US: Thursday, December 16, 2010, Noon – 2PM

Veterans For Peace (VFP) national president Mike Ferner sent a letter to President Obama on December 3, stating

“We will come in person to the White House to meet with you or until we are dragged away in full view of our nation and the world – military veterans, carrying their nation’s flag, seeking a meeting with their President in the season of peace. We are taking a stand for peace. The troops, mercenaries and drones must come home now!

United States Military Veterans To Lead Civil Resistance In San Francisco New Federal Building, 7th & Mission Streets, San Francisco.
Military veterans from VFP will lead a nonviolent act of civil resistance at San Francisco’s new Federal Building, in protest of the ongoing US wars and occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan. This action is in solidarity with veterans at the White House in the nation’s capital and in several other cities.

The mission “…expose the true cost of war and militarism…”

In San Francisco at the Federal Building

  • A coordinated Veterans-led civil resistance in San Francisco will also be happening at the Federal Building.
  • Charlie Liteky, Congressional Medal of Honor awardee and others will be speaking.
  • A “Die In” civil resistance at the Federal Building honors all those who have died as a result of these wars—American & NATO soldiers, the people of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Local Endorsers:
Veterans For Peace-Bay Area
Bay Area Labor Committee for Peace and Justice
Grandmothers Against the War
American Friends Service Committee
ANSWER Coalition
Code Pink
Courage to Resist
SOA Watch West
Unitarian Universalists for Peace-SF
United for Peace and Justice
Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
World Can’t Wait
and other peace groups

San Francisco Contacts:
Veterans For Peace Office 415-255-7331
OR Richard Sanderell 415-642-8395

National Contacts:
Veterans For Peace, Washington DC 314-725-6005
Stop These Wars

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