Agent Orange Update

Len Aldis, Britian Vietnam Friendship Society (BVFS)

Len Aldis is a Brit who has worked hard for decades to bring the Agent Orange (AO) issue to the world’s attention. He is much loved in Vietnam. He publishes a quarterly newsletter on AO, Unexploded Ordances (UXOs) and related news about Vietnam. If you want to get on his email list, write him at the Britian–Vietnam Friendship Society, sign petition “calling for justice.” Below are two videos with Len discussing Agent Orange it’s victims and the status of legal cases in America and France

Len Aldis Update—Agent Orange legal cases in American and France

Talk Vietnam interview with Len Aldes

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1 Response to Agent Orange Update

  1. A Friend says:

    Len Aldis is a legend. An 80 year old powerhouse who has been fighting for decades on behalf of the Victims of Agent Orange. Nonstop 7 days a week Len fights the battle. I’m proud to count Len as a friend. The government of the U$A, Monsanto the Merchant of Death and Dow must compensate the victims of Agent Orange. Millions have suffered generation after generation. The American War in Vietnam was wrong, Agent Orange was wrong and it’s wrong for Washington to turn a blind eye to the millions of lives it destroyed. And you wonder why the world holds such a low opinion of the U$A? Justice for the Victims of Agent Orange!!

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