Sign Up: Veterans For Peace National Convention 2011

Veterans For Peace National Convention, August 3-7, 2011Veterans For Peace
National Convention
August 3-7, 2011
Portland State University

Portland Oregon

Registration Fees/Information
Early Registration ends July 9, 2011
Limited discounted fees only for VFP dues paying Veterans Members

Convention Highlights
Featured Speakers

Kathy Kelly co-coordinate Voice for Creative Nonviolence
Blase Bonpane Director Office of the Americas
Robert Jensen University of Texas at Austin, professor, School of Journalism
S. Brian Wilson anti-war activist, Viet Nam veteran, lawyer, criminologist


Wednesday Opening Reception Nòs Dois: Clayton Knight and Pam Beaty
Thursday Public Event Emma’s Revolution: Sandy O and Pat Humphries
Thursday Night Lounge & Friday Afternoon Plenary Jim Page


Race and Class: Unite-and-Resist instead of Divide and Conquer
VFP’s Role in Nuclear Disarmament Education
Healing Journeys for Combat Vets and Their Families
Creating a Homeless Veterans Initiative
Counter-Recruiting in High Schools and Model School District Policies
Campaign to Support Bradley Manning and All War Resisters
Lifting the Veil of Silence on Military Sexual Trauma
Breaking the Corporate News Barrier: Earning the Mainstream News Coverage VFP Chapters Deserve
Writing Through the Wounds of War
The Moral Revolution
Local Chapters of IVAW and VFP Working Together
Citizen Activism: The Gaza Flotillas
Death and After in Iraq
The Movement Action Plan: Building the movement to end war and militarism
Veterans in the Criminal Justice System and How Their PTSD Got Them There
U.S. Military Interventions in the Middle East, Northern Africa and Latin America
Viet Nam: Continuing Destruction and Strategies for Healing
Unmaking War Now: A Workshop from Empathy to Action
Intelligence, Surveillance and Drone Payloads
Social Media for Activists
How is the War Economy Working for You?
The Cost of War and the Price of Peace in Afghanistan
Pursuing Veteran Claims and Advocating for Veterans’ Justice
Organizing 101

For more go the the Convention website

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