Occupy Oakland: Scott Olsen VFP Update

Friday, October 28, 2011

VFP/IVAW Member, Scott Olsen, Injured @ Occupy Oakland

To VFP Members and Supporters:

By now you’ve likely heard about Scott Olsen, our member who was struck in the head with one of the Oakland Police Dept.’s “less than lethal” projectiles and is now in hospital with a fractured skull.  We wish Scott and his family the best as he makes what everyone hopes will be a complete recovery.

We’ve pulled together some helpful information and links for your use.  From here you can:

  • Send an email to the Mayor of Oakland, Jean Quan
  • Send Scott a card to:Highland Hospital
    c/o Scott Olsen
    1411 E 31st St
    Oakland, CA 94602
  • Contribute to Scott Olsen Support Fund to defray his and his family’s expenses.  Family members had to fly in from Wisconsin and New Jersey, for example.

Also, please consider:

  • Going to the nearest occupation encampment in your area.  See what you can do to be of support.  If you’re a veteran, let them know, especially if you’re a member of Veterans For Peace.  See what you can offer.
  • Standing with VFP as we stand with people in the “Occupy” encampments, by making a tax-exempt contribution.
  • Going to Washington to join the VFP encampment at Freedom Plaza
  • Learning more about where the “Occupy” movement came from www.movetoamend.org

This blossoming of this “democracy movement” has been needed in our country for a long, long time.  Veterans For Peace remains committed to nonviolently supporting it in every way we can, including placing our bodies between people in the encampments and the police line, as we did in Boston.

We shall not be moved!

Mike Ferner
Veterans for Peace, Acting Executive Director of

Letters in Support of Scott Olsen


Exclusive Interview with Mike Ferner about Scott Olsen’s Latest

Newzap interview with Mike Ferner, Acting Executive Director of Veterans for Peace about Scott Olsen, the 24 year old marine who was injured in clashes with police in Oakland, Ca.  He is in a critical condition with a fractured skull.

Stay up to date on Veterans For Peace. Visit the VFP Newsroom

About Veterans Speakers Alliance, Veterans For Peace

San Francisco, Chapter 69
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