Occupy Madison: Solidarity with Occupy Oakland and Scott Olsen

Occupy Madison – http://occupy-madison.org/
Video date: Saturday October 29, 2011

This is a video of a march held in Madison, WI to demonstrate solidarity with Occupy Oakland and Scott Olsen. Scott Olsen is a 24-year-old originally from Onalaska, Wisconsin who was recently severely injured by a police projectile which hit his head and fractured his skull. He was protesting at the Occupy Oakland site when police clubbed demonstrators, fired concussion grenades, fired tear gas at least four different times, and shot protesters with wooden slugs, bean bag canisters, and, reportedly, rubber bullets. Scott is a veteran of the Iraq war who has served two tours of duty without injury. Upon completion of his service, Scott joined Iraq Veterans Against the War. He was one of the thousands of protesters who gathered in Madison, Wisconsin early this year during the state’s historic occupation of the Capitol building. Two very visible groups in the march shown in the video: Occupy Madison and Veterans for Peace.
Iraq Veterans Against the War – http://ivaw.org/
Occupy Madison – http://occupy-madison.org/
Veterans for Peace – http://www.veteransforpeace.org/
The Blue Cheddar blog – http://www.bluecheddar.net/

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