As OccupySF attracts support, Oakland gets ready for a general strike

Rebecca Bowe, San Francisco Bay Guardian, November 1, 2-11

At a rally of some 2,000 activists held in Oakland’s Frank Ogawa Plaza Oct. 26 — the day after a brutal police crackdown left 24-year-old war veteran Scott Olsen in critical condition from a skull fracture inflicted by a police projectile — Occupy Oakland’s general assembly reached a 96 percent consensus agreement to call for a general strike to be held Nov. 2.

Chinatown community members with the Chinese Progressive Association rally as part of the 99 percent movement.

“We have the chance to write the next chapter of this worldwide occupation movement,” an activist announced before bringing the idea to the table. Then the official proposal was read: “To liberate Oakland and shut down the one percent with a citywide general strike.” Cheers arose.

Over the next half hour or so, activists approached the group with clarifying questions. “If the national guard comes, what do we do?” someone asked. (This concern could be addressed at one of the general strike planning meetings, the facilitator answered, if the group approved moving forward with the plan.)

Since that evening, plans for a citywide general strike have gained momentum as the Oakland Education Association and other public sector unions have voiced support for the idea. Read more

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