“Where Soldiers Come From” Film Screening

Wednesday, February 1,  7:00pm
Where Soldiers Come From

Film Screening & discussion
Location: AMC Van Ness 14
1000 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco

San Francisco screening of  “Where Soldiers Come From
Join us for a discussion on “Operation Recovery“,
Iraq Veterans Against the War’s national campaign to
stop the re-deployment of traumatized troops.

From Joshua Sheperd,

Hey friends. I’m sending out an invite for this remarkable film screening that Iraq Veterans Against the War and Veterans for Peace (both of which I’m a member of) are collaborating to bring you. Tickets will be $9, and additional donations welcomed. We are using this opportunity to fund-raise in support of our work in “Operation Recovery“, a national campaign to stop the re-deployment of traumatized troops. Every month, troops who are unfit for deployment, even by military standards, are sent anyway, compounding the effects on their health & prolonging the already arduous road to recovery. IVAW SF wants to send a delegation to Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas next month to be trained & bring Operation Recovery back to the bay.

With your help, we will be on our way to changing the way the military treats our troops.

Please join us and share with your friends.

Thank you,
Joshua Shepherd

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Where Soldiers Come From

Where Soldiers Come From

About Veterans Speakers Alliance, Veterans For Peace

San Francisco, Chapter 69
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1 Response to “Where Soldiers Come From” Film Screening

  1. Janice says:

    Stop the re-deployment of traumatized troops. These Veterans need your support.

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