Board of Trustees Plan to house the Arts Commission and Opera

Read about the give away to the Arts Commission and Opera…
From the San Francisco Planning Commission’s pdf 2011.0420ac1.pdf page 2 and 3.

RE: The War Memorial Veterans Building renovations

The seismic upgrade and interior alterations do not require Certificate of Appropriateness approval; however, the Historic Preservation Commission will review and forward comments to the War Memorial Board of Trustees for consideration (See Case No. 2011.0420U). In detail, the interior would be rehabilitated as follows:

Interior Remodeling/Reorganization:

  •  First Floor: Construction of a museum/gallery for the San Francisco Arts Commission, as well as a new ticket sales center for the theater and a public café; Refurbishment of the Green Room, including restoration of historic finishes, parquet floor, and chandeliers; Upgrade of Herbst Theater, including refurbishment of the stage‐level accessible dressing rooms, stage rigging, and controls; Construction of support space for the Herbst Theater, which will include removal of the non‐historic seating in the theater construction of new stage‐level accessible dressing rooms, rehearsal and warm up areas, and equipment storage. The public corridor on the west side will be enclosed to accommodate support space for the theater.
  • Second Floor: Reconfigure the office and meeting space allocated to the San Francisco Posts of the American Legion, including removal of some interior historic finishes and installation of modern finishes. The majority of the interior historic finishes within the original meeting rooms will be retained, though the elevated platforms will be removed in some of the rooms.
  • Third Floor: Relocation of the War Memorial Department to this floor level, and new offices for the Art Commission.
  • Fourth Floor: Reconfigure the fourth floor to accommodate the San Francisco Opera (rehearsal, production and office space), and construction of a new 300‐seat rehearsal/event space and gallery.
  • New Restrooms: Construction of new restrooms on all four floors and basement level.

Copies of the San Francisco Planning Departments’ Revised
Certificate of Appropriateness Case Report HEARING DATE: JUNE 6, 2012
Pdfs are available online scroll down to items 10a and 10b click on pdfs: 2011.0420A, and 2011.0420U.

Oppose this give away! Write the Commissioners — Demand more not less space for Vets.

SEAT 1 Historic Architect Commissioner ALAN MARTINEZ

SEAT 2 Historic Architect Commissioner AIA, LEED® AP ANDREW WOLFRAM

SEAT 3 Architectural Historian AIA President CHARLES EDWIN CHASE

SEAT 4 Historian Commissioner RICHARD S. E. JOHNS

SEAT 5 Preservation Professional Vice President COURTNEY DAMKROGER

SEAT 6 General Contractor Commissioner KARL HASZ

SEAT 7 At Large Commissioner DIANE MATSUDA

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San Francisco, Chapter 69
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