Saving the Veterans Building For Veterans

Historic Preservation Meeting Wed, July 18

Historic Preservation Committee Meeting Wed, July 18

Add Your Voice to help our Veterans community.
the Historic Preservation Commission Meeting
on the Renovation plans for the Veterans Building
Wednesday, July 18, 2012, 11:30-4:30pm
San Francisco City Hall, Room 400

Help us create a place to grow and heal. Make sure redesign plans include space for the returning Veterans and a place to go for services and programs for Vets and their families.
Help Create A New Community
  the building can be the new heart of the Veterans Community—a place of healing and growth — a new community of voices, artist, writers, poets, filmmakers — to share the Veterans’ stories.

A newly renovated Veterans Building should continue to serve the San Francisco Veterans community. We need your support to ensure the use of this historic building for the wave of returning Veterans who are expected to settle in the Bay Area. Current plans by the War Memorial Board of Trustees will give away current office space from American Legion Posts and Veterans organizations and construct a museum/gallery for the San Francisco Arts Commission, a new ticket sales center for the theater and a public café.

If you can’t attend email or write the Commissioners with your support.

Some of the Commissioners are listening to us!!!
There is still time to change minds.

  • We need more supporters… You can help by
  • – Attending the  Historic Planning Commission Meeting on Wednesday, July 18, 12:30 – 4:30pm, City Hall
  • – Passing the Word along—send the attached flyer to a friend
  • – Sending emails in support of Veterans and the Veterans Building
  • – Write in support of Veterans

Historic Preservation Commission:

Agenda for July 18 meeting The Veterans Building items are 14a and 14b

FYI, complete audio recording of the previous June 20 meeting

About Veterans Speakers Alliance, Veterans For Peace

San Francisco, Chapter 69
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