Latitude 38: Resurrecting The Golden Rule

Resurrecting the Golden Rule the Anti-Nuke Flagship
Latitude 38
March Edition

An article about the Golden Rule’s famous history and current efforts to rebuild this vessel. A complete story of the 25 foot ketch and its crew of anti-nuclear weapons activists and their inspiring journey into the Pacific to stop nuclear testing. This effort was headed by former US Naval Commander Albert Bigelow to draw attention to issues surrounding nuclear bomb test being conducted in US territory. Their example helped to ignite a storm of worldwide public outrage against nuclear weapons that resulted in a Limited Test Ban Treaty of 1963.

Veterans For Peace, Chapter 22, Garberville, California has been helping in the restoration this 30 foot Angelman-Davies gaff ketch. There are plans to launch the boat sometime this year and begin a ten-year voyage in opposition to war and militarism. Find out more about the Golden Rule Project.

You can download the March Issue of Latitude 38 for eBooks, iPans, Issuu version and just plain pdfs. The Golden Rule article begins on page 100.

About Veterans Speakers Alliance, Veterans For Peace

San Francisco, Chapter 69
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