West Bank: International Peace Team Member Shot

Member Survives Shooting
Meta Peace Team

Scott Abrams
November 11, 2014

.22 long rifle: subsonic hollow point, standard velocity, hyper-velocity "Stinger" hollow point

.22 long rifle bullets: L–R subsonic hollow point, standard velocity, hyper-velocity “Stinger” hollow point

One of MPT’s International team members, who is here (Palestine) working the olive harvest, was shot in the chest with a .22 long rifle round. This is not standard military amunition. It is something the Israelis started using during the intifata, claiming it would stop and hospitalize people with major flesh wounds, but would not kill them. After it did kill several people, the Israeli military adjutant limited its use, acknowledging clearly it could be deadly. In the US warnings for the .22 long rifle caution that the bullets can kill at one mile.

The significance of this case is that the shot was clearly aimed at the center of the chest, from a short distance, using a 4X scope for precision. There was NOT an error! It was a “shoot to kill” action by the Israelis, at an unarmed, nonviolent civilian!

Nothing threatening was going on. There were a few stones being thrown by others, but not by our team member; people were only making speeches and waving flags! The Israelis had made little effort at any other crowd control except for 3 gas grenades up to that point (For prespective, one of their devices could fire 15 gas grenades at a time. Another fires 6 without reloading, but they had only released 3 that day).

Our MPT team member was wearing a HiVis vest and presumably identifiable as an International. He is damned lucky to be alive. The shot was deflected down and does not seem to have hit any organs. It appears to lie on the diaphragm to the right of center in the forward 1/3 of the chest.

These acts of aggression against Palestinians and Internationals are absolutely unconscionable!

Scott Abrams
International Meta Peace Team
November 28, 2014

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