Meta Peace Team: Helping With The Fall Olive Harvest

West Bank

West Bank

Meta Peace Team (MPT) Arrives Safely
West Bank
October 1, 2014

We are pleased to share that the team has arrived safely.

Thank you for your support of Meta Peace Team and our wonderful Fall Olive Harvest (and beyond) International Peace Team to the West Bank.

Please watch for reports of their work from the field, as well as photography, as part of the MPT Palestine team blog.

Thanks again for all your support—time, talent, and treasure—your participation in this team is what makes it possible for folks to deploy.


Martha, and the MPT Staff and Volunteers

Scott Abrams, member of the Meta Peace Team. He is a Veteran, friend of Veterans For Peace and a peace activist.

Meta Peace Team

Lansing (Main) Office
2722 E. Michigan Ave., Suite 101
Lansing, MI  48910
Lansing Tel: 1-517-484-3178
Lansing Fax: 1-517-853-1417

Detroit Office
1950 Trumbull Street
Detroit, MI 48216

Detroit Tel
: 1-313-483-7527


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