Afghanistan: Emergency Hospitals & America’s The Longest War

Hospitals Treat Needy Regardless Of….
Sherri Maurin
November 25, 2014

In late November, President Obama reversed his long held commitment to the American and Afghan peoples, so troubled by war, to end combat missions.  The loss of lives on the Afghan side is virtually incalculable, and the cost of lives, injuries, suicides and other suffering.

Dr. Hakim, and Kathy Kelly both know the cost of that war intimately and on November 25 were interviewed on Democracy Now.

Dr. Hakim refers to Emergency Hospital during the interview, and I wanted to highlight them here. While I was in Kabul in August, we visited Emergency and donated much needed blood for their patients. Emergency NGO has been working in Afghanistan since 1999, with a Surgical Center for war victims in Kabul and another in Lashkar-gah (Helmand), a hospital and a Maternity Centre in Anabah (Panjshir Valley), 40 First Aid Posts and Health Centers, and a healthcare assistance program in the prisons of Kabul.

The transcript and video of that interview are important to watch.

DemocarcyNowAfter Vowing to End Combat Mission in Afghanistan, Obama Secretly Extends America’s Longest War
Amy Goodman Reports
November 25, 2014

President Obama has secretly extended the US role in Afghanistan despite earlier promises to wind down America’s longest war. According to the New York Times, Obama has signed a classified order that ensures US troops will have a direct role in fighting. In addition, the order reportedly enables American jets, bombers and drones to bolster Afghan troops on combat missions. And, under certain circumstances, it would apparently authorize US air-strikes to support Afghan military operations throughout the country.

Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, PHOTO: Patrick Tsui/FCO

Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, PHOTO: Patrick Tsui/FCO

The decision contradicts Obama’s earlier announcement that the US military would have no combat role in Afghanistan next year. Afghanistan’s new president Ashraf Ghani has also backed an expanded US military role. Ghani, who took office in September, has also reportedly lifted limits on US airstrikes and joint raids that his predecessor Hamid Karzai had put in place.

We go to Kabul to speak with Dr. Hakim, a peace activist and physician who has provided humanitarian relief in Afghanistan for the last decade.

We are also joined by Kathy Kelly of Voices for Creative Nonviolence, who has just returned from Afghanistan. Read the program’s transcript “After Vowing to End Combat Mission in Afghanistan, Obama Secretly Extends America’s Longest War

In Goodman’s interview, Dr. Hakim mentions “Energency Hospital,” a well known medical facility that “treats all sides” (Pacifist In The Crossfire: The Kabul Hospital That Treats All Sides). There are several hospitals throughout Afghanistan, and in the Sudan, as seen in Emergency USA: Life Support For Victems Of War & Proverty and Escalating Conflict In Afghanistan Felt By Emergency Hospitals.

Sherri Maurin
Peace Journeys: Afghanistan 2014
November 26, 2014

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