Kickoff Party: The Boys Who Said No

The Boys Who Said No
Indiegogo Campaign Kickoff Party
RSVP: Christopher Colorado Jones


Saturday, April 2, 7pm, 1709 Addison, Berkeley, California

A documentary film in-progress on the young men imprisoned for resisting the draft during the Vietnam War. Support this film about our history and nonviolent direct action during the Vietnam War. On Saturday, April 2—Special guest David Harris and Cheri Forrester, screening of 17-minute segment and the Indiegogo clip, food and beverages! The first goal is $20,000 during the first week of the “kick-start” the campaign April 2 – 9. When people see the donations rising at a fast rate, they are encouraged to pitch in their support. For More Information and to RSVP to the Kickoff Party—contact Christopher Colorado Jones Support the film. The Indiegogo campaign goal is to raise $50,000.


69davidgoestoprisonafreeman-300x380Synopsis The Boys Who Said NO! a documentary film about an organization of young men and women who opposed conscription in order to end the war in Vietnam. They called themselves the Resistance. Their personal acts of nonviolent civil disobedience eventually helped end the draft and intensified opposition to the war.They were the vanguard of nonviolent resistance to the war and inspired a mass anti-draft movement. While an estimated 500,000 young men resisted, evaded or just refused to cooperate with the draft, 3,250 went to prison for their beliefs, the largest mass incarceration of war resisters in US history. The film takes place during the late 1960s and early 70’s in the San Francisco Bay Area where thousands of young pacifists publicly resisted conscription, risking federal prison. Read more…

The Filmmakers Director Judith Ehrlich, Producer Christopher Colorado Jones, Screenwriter Stephen Most, Distribution and Web Consultant Steve Ladd, Cinematographer David L. Brown, Film reunion interviews Steven Baigel, Robbie Leppzer

About Veterans Speakers Alliance, Veterans For Peace

San Francisco, Chapter 69
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