500 lb U.S. Bomb Safely Destroyed By RENEW Teams

August 4, 2014
Project Renew Update
Triew Phong District

2014 0804 UXO Cam Tuyen

2014 0804 UXO Cam Tuyen

An unexploded 500-pound U.S. bomb was safely destroyed today by Project RENEW’s teams in Trieu Phong District. Following the request for assistance from the provincial military, Project RENEW sent its Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Quick Response team to Cam Tuyen Commune where the big bomb was discovered. The team identified the device a US MK82 aircraft bomb and safely removed it to the Central Demolition Site where it was later disposed of. Earlier in August 2012, RENEW’s EOD team had safely destroyed an MK82 bomb which was found by local scrap collectors in Lang Vei.

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