Sherri Maurin

Sherri MaurinSherri is an educator, Nonviolence trainer, long-time activist organizer and an Associate Member of Veteran’s for Peace (VFP). Sherri travels all over the US speaking truth to power and promoting Nonviolence. She has served as a Nonviolent Peacekeeper in Palestine, Cairo, and throughout Central America. Her 2014 “Peace Journeys” will take her to Afghanistan and Jeju Island in So. Korea.


Afghanistan 2014




11 Responses to Sherri Maurin

  1. Kit Armstrong says:

    Hi Sherri – All of us here in Monterey hope all is well with you. Your posts from Kabul were awesome – informative and very moving. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. According to your schedule you got to Korea Monday. So all our love and best wishes to you in this new phase of your journey. We’ll be looking forward to reading about your experiences in Korea. Love and hugs, Kit

  2. Hi Sherri – Did not realize that I could write you until I saw everyone else’s comments today. Sounds like you are having a tremendous experience there and blessing so many lives in your daily activities. We are thinking of you and praying for you every day. We love you and thank you for your efforts. Kerry, Debbie and Gale

  3. Hank Armstrong says:

    Sherri, thank you for giving us a peek into the lives of the Afghan community you are helping. Please let us know where a donation might be used. We may need a few blue scarves here in the Armstrong household.
    Hank, Julie, Dana, Allison and Carly

  4. globalberkeley says:

    Powerful posts, Sherri! I am consistently amazed by the power of the human spirit to rise above the atrocities the world throws at it and continue to strive for peace.

    Much love,
    Jen, Keith and Franklin

  5. Janie Frank says:

    Hi Sherri,
    Blessings on your journey and good work in Kabul. We all look forward very much to your blogs. Some of the Fair Oaks neighbors will be meeting once a week to hold you in our hearts and prayers.

  6. Susan Palethorpe says:

    Full of admiration for you Sherri, good on you! Keep safe. Best wishes, Susan and Colin

  7. Barbara Garza-Brickley says:

    Hi Sherri! We are thinking of you and your young friends with affection. Go in peace. Kevin and Barb

  8. Gail Sladek says:

    Hi Sherri! Your contagious spirit of compassion and joy will be welcomed I’m sure. You are in our prayers! Peace and Joy, Gail and Steve

  9. Janet Price says:

    Hi Sherri…am thinking of you and holding you and all your wonderful friends in my heart. Be safe. Love Janet

  10. Kit Armstrong says:

    I hope you made it to Kabul in good shape and not too sleep deprived, Sherri! I love the blog already and am looking forward to reading all the posts to come.

  11. Victoria Rue says:

    Hi Sherri, just sent you an email and look forward to your blogs. Travel safely!—Victoria

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