Voices Of Veterans

Suel Jones wrote Meeting The Enemy: A Marine Goes Home A former Marine, Suel talks about returning home from  Vietnam during his Veterans For Peace Book Tour. He spoke at the Beat Museum in San Francisco on May 2, 2010.

San Francisco Veterans Day Parade, 2009

In search of Peace…
Members of the American Legion, Bob Basker Post #315 participated in the Veterans Day Parade in San Francisco on Sunday, November 8, 2009. Carrying five balloons they found out creating “Peace” is not as easy as one would think. Photos: Judith Williams Sandoval, Video Editor: John Caldera, Your Wonderful Parade: The Carpenters

Authors, poets and writers share their thoughts — read their complete stories and comments on the Veterans For Peace website.

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Voices of Veterans
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James JankoGetting It Right In Afghanistan. Janko offers insight on the state of war in Afghanistan. James Janko, was a medic in the Vietnam War, studied Conservation of National Resources at the University of California in Berkeley. He wrote Buffalo Boy and Geronimo” A stunning affirmation of the wonder of human joy and the importance of hope in the midst of the chaos, brutality and desperation of war.” —Alan Miller.

Jon Michael Turner: Carrying A Backpack of Sorrow….Soldiers On The Edge Of Suicide. Pictured with Jack Hirschman, 2006 Poet Laureate of San Francisco, Jon  Turner is an Iraq War Vet and poet. Nadya Williams writes about Jon Turner’s insightful poetry, March, 2010 www.vsasf.org/voices.html#jt

Josh and Conor—Home From War In Iraq. Young Veterans For Peace members  Conor Curran and Josh Stieber pictured with Fred Ptucha (Vietnam War veteran from Santa Rosa). Nadya Williams writes about these two Vets, January 26, 2010, www.vsasf.org/voices.html#jc

Suel JonesMeeting The Enemy: A Marine Goes Home New Book by Vietnam Vet living and volunteering in Vietnam. The book covers Jones’ war experiences, return to the US, the confusion, damage and wondering what had just happened and why. The book concludes and his return to Vietnam to live and work for more than 10 years while “meeting the enemy.” Suel Jones is the president of the Viet Nam Chapter of Veterans For Peace and volunteers with Agent Orange/dioxin victims, both former soldiers, and their children & grandchildren. www.vsasf.org/voices.html#s

The Hidden Price of War Exhibit by Liam Curry, Veterans For Peace, San Francisco, Chapter 69

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Veterans For Peace: Hidden Price of War
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