Occupy Oakland

Democracy Now!: Occupy Oakland, Scott Olson 12/30/2011

USAToday: Occupy Oakland, Scott Olson interview  12/02/2011

Second Veteran Injured in Occupy Oakland 11/04/2011

Occupy Oakland Prepares for a General Strike, as War Veterans Organize a Day Of Action at Occupy Camps 11/02/2011

As OccupySF Attracts Support, Oakland Gets Ready For a General Strike 11/02/2011

Occupy Oakland: New Video 10/27/2011

Occupy Oakland: Veterans For Peace 10/27/2011

Occupy Oakland VFP Update 10/27/2011

Occupy Oakland: Scott Olsen Update 10/27/2011

Occupy Oakland: Josh Shepard Interview 10/27/2011

Occupy Oakland: Josh Shepard  10/27/2011

Occupy Oakland: Solidarity Vigil For Scott Olsen 10/27/2011

Occupy Oakland: Iraq War Veteran in Critical Condition After Police Clash 10/26/2011

Occupy Oakland: Veterans For Peace Member Scott Olsen Wounded 10/25/2011

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