Elliott Adams

Elliott Adams

Elliott Adams

Elliott is the past National President of Veterans For Peace. He volunteered for the Army, and served as a paratrooper in the infantry in Viet Nam, Japan, Korea, and Alaska. He has served his local community in a variety of capacities such as: President of the School Board, Mayor of his village, Committee Chair of BSA Explorer Post 17, President of Rotary, and Master of the Masonic Lodge. Elliott transformed from being a soldier to being a nonviolent warrior, applying his intellect and body to building movements that create justice.

Elliott utilizes international and domestic law as a means to end our war culture. As a nonviolence and social movement trainer he has served in that role for Fellowship of Reconciliation, School Of Americas Watch, Peacemakers of Schoharie, Student Environmental Action Coalition, Veterans For Peace, and War Resisters League.

Elliott currently works with the Meta Peace Team, and is co-chair of Creating a Culture of Peace. He dedicates his life to stopping all war and building just communities of peace. This work has taken him from the Atlantic to the Pacific and from the Mexican border to Canada, as well as internationally. He’s testified before the US Congress Judiciary Committee and attended Parliament in Canada, and has been arrested repeatedly for the cause. In the Summer, 2013 did an 80-day fast of 300 calories or less in solidarity with the Guantanamo Bay Prisoners and the Pelican Bay Hunger Strikes, with CloseGitmo.net. Most recently he was imprisoned for 8 days following an action at Hancock Air Force Base in New York, protesting the drones. Currently he is traveling nationwide with the Meta Peace Team conducting Unarmed Peacekeeping Skills Training & Strategy Sessions.


  • 2014 October Understanding The Land Division In The West Bank

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