Sherri Maurin: Peace Journey 2014

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014
Sherri Maurin leaving this morning for Kabul by way of Chicago, Netherlands and Istanbul

Sherri MaurinHello friends,
Many of you have heard me talk warmly about the Afghan Peace Volunteers ( who I have been in conversation with for almost four years, during the monthly Global Days of Listening ( They are a grassroots group of ordinary, multi-ethnic Afghan youth seeking a life of Nonviolence, who seek non-military solutions for Afghanistan, and are committed to live lives that includes:

  1. Nonviolence towards the earth and environment
  2. Nonviolent economy
  3. Nonviolent conflict resolution, abolishing weapons and war
  4. Nonviolent education
  5. Nonviolent self, community and humanity

They have established two houses in Kabul, one for young men, and another for young women. I am joining Kathy Kelly in Kabul and living in the women’s house, sharing their efforts to build a community based on the principles of Gandhi. They work with street kids, have established several cooperative projects, go to school, and work in other areas that I will be reporting on throughout August.

In September I will continue on to So. Korea to visit several sites I have been interested in for quite some time. Look for more information on that towards the end of August.

Meanwhile, I hope you will hold us, as the Quakers say, “in the light,” and share the news of the Afghan Peace Volunteers with your extended communities. Some of you may want to join in on the Global Days of Listening call with us on Thursday, August 21st. Please see the link above to register or listen to the livestream. I will be on Skype that day.

در صلح عمیق، و با شادی بزرگ
In deep peace, with great joy

— Sherri

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7 Responses to Sherri Maurin: Peace Journey 2014

  1. Mark Reedy says:

    Hi Sherri– I’m so glad to get your postings and hear that you’ve arrived safely at your destination. My thoughts and prayers are with you in your wonderful work for peace and understanding. Keeping the candle lit for you. Love,


  2. Nancy E. Keiler says:

    Hey Sherri! Wow, I just read you e-mail and now I’m reading your blog. I had no idea you were leaving town for Kabul. Guess Louie isn’t with you, huh? LOL Code Pink had an Activist/Peace weekend in Oxidental, north of the City. Wish you had been with us. Last Time I saw you was at Beale. I know you are doing good work and thank you from all of us. Please contact me when you get home again. In the meantime, keep lighting that path. Love & peace, Nancy

  3. Pamela Osgood says:

    Many blessings on your journey. May God guide you and protect you and all you meet.
    Love to you and Kathy,

  4. You GO, GIRL! The world is lucky indeed to have people like you out there doing the important work. Travel safely, and keep us posted.
    Love & Light! – Mary & the folks at MPT

  5. Sherri and Friends,

    Happy travels and thanks for your blog link per your travels — and this blog post —

    Please talk with about, and keep in mind, how the South Koreans and Afghanis you meet might benefit or help grow MIT OCW-centric, Wiki World University and School (fFriendly-informed and Creative Commons’ licensed) in main languages in those countries:

    Here’s the beginning South Korean World University and School, not yet in Korean —,_Republic_of_%28South_Korea%29#World_University_and_School_Links.

    And here’s MIT OCW in the Korean language itself —

    WUaS hasn’t yet made the South Korean World University and School in Korean language or the Afghanistan World University and School nation state first wiki page, and beginning of a wiki MIT OCW-centric university and school, but here is the Korean language WUaS in English —

    And per your travels and your nonviolence foci, here’s the “Ahimsa – Nonviolence – Pacifism – To avoid harming” wiki page with links for open teaching and learning, including especially Quaker ones —

    Friendly regards,


  6. Martin J. Mager says:

    Travel well and may God be your companion on the journey. May your efforts help to bring peace and understanding to women and men of good will and may peace one day rule over the land. PAX and love, Marty

    • Sherri says:

      Thank you, Marty and the happiest birthday to you. I have not had internet access but will be posting additional blogs later today. It has been a profound trip living with students I have been talking with for the past 4 years via SKYPE. Much love–Sherri

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