Meet The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule in San Francisco BayWednesday, October 7, 7 pm
GOLDEN RULE: Public Meeting/Reception
Veterans Building, Room 206
San Francisco Civic Center
401 Van Ness Avenue at McAllister

The Golden Rule peace boat and her crew coordinate with Veterans For Peace, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Code Pink and others to provide a peaceful counterpoint to the US Armed Forces’ display of militarism during Fleet Week.

  • Meet Crew of the historic Golden Rule peace boat
  • Antinuclear activist Jackie Cabasso of the Western States Legal Foundation
  • Nonviolent Peaceforce David Hartsough
  • Veterans For Peace Chapter 69 members discuss Fleet Week plans

Veterans For Peace:

We aim to advance Veterans For Peace opposition to nuclear weapons and war, and to do so in a dramatic fashion.

We have recovered and restored the original peace ship, the Golden Rule, that set sail in 1958 to stop nuclear testing in the atmosphere, and which inspired the many peace makers and peace ships that followed.

The reborn Golden Rule will voyage once more, to show that nuclear abolition is possible, and that bravery and tenacity can overcome militarism.

—The Golden Rule Project


About Veterans Speakers Alliance, Veterans For Peace

San Francisco, Chapter 69
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